A blockchain social gaming VR media platform for the enrichment of humanity

Our goal is to create a culture that uses the latest technology – Blockchain, which will be so beautiful, so significant, so deep, so infinitely creative, filled with infinite potential that it will win in global technological competition.

Previous scientific and industrial revolutions have changed both our understanding of the world and our ability to change it. We need an ethical and moral revolution so that we can use this huge range of technological and information resources to improve the world. The mere development of technology for maximizing profits brings more losses than benefits for society and mankind.

The basis of ETEROID’s activity will be total protection of the privacy of participants, striving for creation of beauty and goodness, directing and supporting altruism.

We will direct the attention of millions of new participants to the development of their own personality, the creation of positive actions, the combination of people at the level of knowledge, spirit and ethics.

Eteroid will reward its users for sharing and watching games,
movies, music videos, blogs, sports content & more.